Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bangsa-Bangsa Berpengalaman,

Semalam.Aku ambil lagi benda yang buat aku gila tahun lepas dan tahun sebelumnya.Aku cakap dengan orang.aku dah tanak lepak dah dengan benda alah tu.Tapi nak buat macam mana.Aku kan penipu besar.

Fuck-yeah penipu besarrrrr! Huahuhuahuahuahua.

And there you go.Back to where it all started to get hellish.But its better.Its better than being betrayed,better than being manipulated by the same crowd of community who just doesn’t know what hell means when they’re just heavenly happy hurting good people like me.

My dudes were right.And my ladies - wrong. I cannot keep on fighting.For me here,If you lose the battle.Then just fuckin pack your bags and go home lah kan? I ain't telling you a loser story.I'm telling you ways to not get hurt my another shot on your chest that finally goes right into your heart. You wanna keep on living at the moment.You cannot die yet. So if you’re dealing with love bipolar.Find a dude for advice.An asshole is the only expert to another asshole's agenda.

As for me,I’m young and sexy.

I can seriously get through this.I mean.. I’m a fuckin Hippie for God sake.