Friday, July 8, 2011

The Church

hari ni lepas balik kerja,macam biasa tunggu bas (babi lambat nak mampus) Rapid u86 datang di bas stop.

Kebetulan,Tuhan nak menarikkan lagi perjalanan hidup aku.Dia temukan aku dengan perempuan india Katolik dari Ampang yang patah tangan dengan 3 beg.We chatted,she's going to Damansara too.Nak pergi church.She's old.Maybe around 50ish.Muka dia sebijik macam cikgu disiplin sekolah rendah aku dulu.Jadi aku tanya ''Are you a teacher?'' ''I was.a kindergarten teacher.'' ''Oh yeah? Whats your name?'' ''Im Angie.. Nice to meet you dear.''
We talked for about and hour.She told me how she broke her left arm and she told me that she loves kids alot.Auntie Angie takde card touchNgo maksudnya dia tak boleh naik bas.Aku kasihankan dia,aku bayarkan tambang bas dengan card aku.Dia nak turun kat Mcd.About a mile far from my house.Aku tak sampai hati,aku turun kat Mcd sekali dengan dia and hantar dia sampai church.

She was so touched.She said im sweet and she didnt expect me to drop her off sampai depan church.Kenyataannya,she's old.She broke her arm and she's carrying 3 heavy bags and im letting her cross the big road by herself? Hell no.

''Would you like to come inside the church? I see you're so open my child.''

''Yeah sure,why not!''

The church was awesome.Everyone there is sweet and nice.Africans and sabahans were there too.Theyre gonna have prayers tonight,sing and dance too.Sounds like a fun night in? Yes.

''Thank you so much.You're a good child.I'll call you and invite you to church on sundays.You can just sit and watch dear.''

We switched numbers.

''Okay Auntie Angie,i'd better be heading home now.Please take care and dont fall again.'' I said.
''I will,you take care too my child.Dont worry.Im your teacher now.''

I smiled.

Sama ada kita beragama atau tak,trust me.The power of 'discovering' is beautiful.Very,very beautiful.