Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my psychedelic 111111

That night I realized I was talking to a talking carpet.Before that I was smitten by the wonderful moving piece of art hanging on the wall,its was a painting of two stick mans playing the violin with big wild flowers as the background,and it moved.I danced.I can't believe what my eyes was doing to me so I went out on my patio and I saw KLCC dancing,even the grass and light poles were dancing too.As if they were having this party and I'm not invited.So I got in my room where the dubstep and house music were played out loud,as I entered I saw music notes in the air,I even smelled the music as it stung my nostrils and my face until I'm unable to speak.The next morning,I see flying birds with bright blue body and two stripes of yellow lines on it,as if it were glowing lights.The grass and buildings was still dancing non stop.The only normal thing moving that morning was the train.

It's weird,that boat experience was too amazing.I swear I won't go on it again.