Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kenal Bunyi Singa Itu?

I prefer to sit back and fuckin fuck you from the heart.

I wanted to go out.I wanted to walk alone and wear a sad face.Its raining outside,sad day huh? I thought it’ll be nice to hold my sad green-yellow umbrella,all I want is to walk slow,slowly,slower.And so I did but I was not alone after all.I walked with some sad fucked up orange cat.

My boyfriend said I have to stand up for myself.But I prefer to sit back. Im not legally 18. I’ll do it next year.I’ll do it if semua dah semakin ugly like betty.

I’ll do it. Orang baik macam aku,kalau explode memang mati kau.

Tahan air mata tu Ulii,tahan rasa marah tu Ulii.Tahan.

Are u jaded like me?