Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Flowery Tunnel

He said he did not believe in marriage.While I,wanted to have a wonderful wedding with him.Yesterday we went to the garden and passed a flowery tunnel.I told him "Lets get maarried here! now,today!" He just walked and didnt give a damn about what it.So I shouted "What if ada lelaki lain yang nak kahwin dengan i?" He got hurt by what I said ..and the trip became dull and lame.

Tried to pujuk him but he wouldnt listen.On our way back,we know that we're going to pass the tunnel again.as we got nearer to the flowery tunnel I tried to buat bodoh and just look down as we passed it.Under it,he stopped,grabbed my body near to his and kissed my lips.Under the flowery tunnel. "I love you" he said.Again,under the flowery tunnel :)

I am in love with a man who doesnt believe in marriage.I am in love with a man who lives under his own beliefs.I am in love with a man who would sneak inside my mundane college library without a matrix card and wait until my classes finish.. I know that this man would marry me one day.I just know it.