Monday, April 9, 2012

The Best Monday In My Life

I personally think that I was a better writer in my high school years. I was rebellious and angry at everything, I became keen on making dark poems and creating a world of illusion by writing. I created my own character. I was even in love with my character because they don't exist in this world. They only exist because I created them. I gave them a voice and they speak for me. I was their god and they were my escapism. I miss staying up late at night just writing and pouring my anger out. Back then I wanted the whole world to know that I was angry. Well back then wasnt a long time ago but I feel quite old already. Its like I'm being possessed by a 47 years old spirit. Sometimes I wonder did I grow up too fast? Now that I've finally gotten on my own two feet. Exploring and finding things. I earned too much freedom. My mother unlocked the chains to my sorrow and set me free like a wild bird on the day I finished my last paper of SPM. She told me that she won't bug me anymore for I am now a grown lady. She allowed me to have the life that I've always wanted. Freedom. From that day onwards I was not a rebellion anymore. I did discovered many things I never thought I would encounter. I became happy. Everyday was so free and chill..I forgot about writing. I can only write when Im sad and when I tried to write about my happiness it seems..I don't know it wasnt me. What is it that I really want?

Yesterday I had a sleepless night. Morning soon rises and I was still wide awake.Its monday morning. I was not a morning person and I thought heck,how could I ever be a morning person? Waking up in the morning was bullshit I thought. This is because I loved sleeping. So since I havent been able to shut my eyes I took the chance to look out my window. It was the same scenery,only better. It was the same sky,only bluer. Everything was just the same,only magically awesomer than before. Suddenly I got inspired by this mother nature and I wrote a short poem in 5 minutes. I was amazed because I've finally gotten my vibe back. After years of not writing something good finally that one poem this morning brings back all the memories of 5 years back. I had tea before that, maybe it was the kick or something but I don't know why I was determined to draw a portrait with charcoal and I succeed on that too. Maybe it seems like an ordinary story to some but the feeling I get this morning was magic. I told myself to wake up early from now on just so I could see another beautiful morning again. I still hope I will be able to get rid of my malas bangun pagi problem though..

"It is by sitting down to write every morning that one becomes a writer. Those who do not do this remain amateurs." Gerald Brenan