Thursday, August 2, 2012


I love observing things...and people. Mostly people.

It's the little things people do that caught my attention. How they talk, how they laugh, how they walk, how they talk, what they wear, the look in their eyes, their body language, the hand gestures they make, how they speak to people, how they act, their habits and more. This is something I've been doing whenever I kept quiet, whenever I spaced out from the crowd or whenever my friends started talking to me, I'll start my observations.

From that I know if the person is scared, shy, brave, bodoh sombong, an asshole, jahat, baik or just.....unpredictable. So far I've never met anyone who is unpredictable yet. Everyone I know is so damn typical. The more I observe them, the more I get disgusted to see the human behaviours. The normalities they have is making my stomach ill. That is why I have only a few friends that I call friends. These are the groups of people that is not normal, that also have the observation eye like I do. We have three fucking eyes, no mouth, and one big fat ears and brain. Therefore, I don't really like people. I talk to animals more than I talk to humans. But if I do talk to humans, that'll be talking to myself, my grandparents or my boyfriend.

Ignore if you don't get me. Maybe you don't have three eyes.