Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To Be Noble, Is To Have Respect

Earlier in class today my English lecturer was talking about how Indian women usually show their appreciation to god by carrying a jar of fresh pure milk on their heads, then walked 200 over steps up to the temple. Until then dia cerita pulak pasal the function and story of each and everyone of the gods. For example if you want to do evil things, you see the horse. Because in hindu, horses means evil. The main story here is. My classmates hated his stories. At the end of the class one of em said to me "aku lebih rela mati dalam islam" and I thought, not another fucking racist....I screwed her back and gave her a piece of my mind. 

You don't go hating on other religion. There is no rule in Islam that commands us to do so. When I told my friend how exciting it was to walk up to batu caves, she gave me a coy smile and awkwardly just nod without any feedbacks. What? Is it already a sin to go up to Batu Caves? Kita diberikan akal dan mata untuk melihat dan mengkaji banyak perkara dalam dunia ni that mostly came from Him. Akal kita tidak diberikan limitasi untuk knowledge, thats the beauty of it. Jadi kenapa kita pilih untuk jadi bodoh? Pilih untuk tak tahu? Kita dilahirkan dengan agama, yes that is true. Tapi mungkin kita dibesarkan dalam persekitaran yang salah dimana orang-orang disekitar kita telah programkan otak kita untuk tahu satu benda dan cuma satu benda iaitu - Kita orang islam kalau solat masuk syurga, kalau sembah agama lain masuk neraka.  That is not preaching, that is more to like storing fear into someone's faith. Even one of my classmates said "dia cuba nak tarik kita dalam agama dia ke?" See how religious talk can be such a big issue among malay people? 

I laughed when I heard that. I was like are you serious? My lecturer is clearly giving us some general knowledge for our own good lah bodoh hahahahah the reason is as simple as that. No issues or whatsoever yang perlu dibesarkan tapi orang kita kalau dengar benda macam tu, semua nak panik and be all fucking dramatic. Its piteous to see how someone can be so ignorant. Chill....apa yang perlu dibesarkan dan dikembangkan cuma mentality korang. For me racist are the most disgusting groups of people in the world. I don't care from what religion you are, but racism is something so hina dan tak relevan langsung. Tanpa disedari it is actually something people used to downgrade themselves as a person. Things are being made for a reason, all these religions in the world are made for a reason. There is a reason for every why's. You just have to be a more critical and less judgemental. 

This is what I think. No offends.