Sunday, July 11, 2010


At 11 to 13 y/o. I still play with Barbie dolls. I collected Bratz. And typical barbies. I just love to buy em clothes everytime I dropped by Tesco. And I am a big fan of PB&J otter. Well, I don’t really watch Disney anymore. But I still have the same dream that will never come to an end – pergi enchanted garden.

At 14. I was caught riding a motorbike with some rempit friends. I was a bit ‘batak’ back then. So I didn’t know which friends yang baik,and which is not. Singa was so pissed. And everytime I bite my lips.and it bleeds. Singa fikir I went and smooch with a guy.But as I grew older. Singa understood. Its okay for me to go in a car with a guy. And its okay for me to go on a motorbike with a guy. Without being scolded. As long as I know how to jaga diri/dara.

At 10. my first magazine was Bintang Kecil. I wanted to be the covergirl. But am too shy. Then I bought Remaja and then Yezz! But then I said ‘ bodoh sial kau.Content gila tak best. Bazir duit je!” so I changed to Junk. That is more ‘ulii-like’. I got bored with Junk finally. My last Junk was with Aliff Syahmi in it. Then I sticked to Tokion, Dazed&Confused, i-D and Metal magazines. Its more worth reading.

Banyak perubahan kan? So I was wondering earlier. Will I make a good filmmaker? My dear friend Inikah Itu? had been supporting me hardcore-ly.Since I started at 15 until now. While I AM STRADUST convinced me once that I could go far. If I have faith,and never stop trying. Si KAKIKERBAU is 24.7 being the cheerleader of my life. He said I am his tulang belakang. Then he must know, if God gave me the world.i’d still choose him. I think he knows.

Im not ambitious or anything. Cuma,I want to make movies so much. I really do. If im too stupid and too tak bebakat.i’ll just make sure I have at least 3 fucked up low-quality movies on Youtube before I reach 37. Just 3. I’ll make movies until I get fed up with em, stop filming and go to Africa. Amin.